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No Point Without a Story, No Story Without a Point

A few nights ago, I had the opportunity to share some industry trends we are seeing in the market with a group of credit union leaders in the Upstate. We took a different approach and created a story guide to follow throughout the discussion instead of a presentation. I tried to drop the audience into each story, giving them something tangible they could interact with, and attempted to leave a series of images in their mind to drive home the ideas.

What’s the So-What?

If you’ve ever struggled making your ideas relevant to a broad audience, consider tying them to a story. Why? Stories are remembered up to 22 times more than facts alone. To many times we try to explain our ideas and convince the audience using data & facts. However, multiple studies have shown that if you use a story, people are much more likely to remember your message and underlying ideas.

Want to make your message more impactful? The next time you present to a group, remember this rule: ‘no point without a story, no story without a point’

Try it out, it will move you closer to the outcome you are seeking.

Remember, “Whoever tells the best story wins.” ~ John Quincy Adams

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