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Our Story

Helping organizations create and execute their technology vision to go further, faster,  safer.


History of Katalyst 

Since 2006, Katalyst has helped organizations create and execute their technology vision to go further, faster, safer.
Katalyst came from humble beginnings in the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina, with founders from strong technical and consulting backgrounds. We had passion around the technology, but more importantly, a passion for doing right by our customers. That called for superior technical outcomes and an outstanding customer experience.


Fast forward to today.


From addressing complex challenges to embracing exciting opportunities, clients trust our team’s experience and expertise across cybersecurity, modern infrastructure, and cloud computing.

Though this technology is often complex, our philosophy isn’t: stay curious about the customer, approach work with humility, and work tirelessly to help customers achieve the best outcomes.

Partnering with Katalyst means you have a team of gritty, curious, and highly capable consultants. We work closely with you to understand your needs and objectives, then create a tailored solution to execute on your vision. Our collaborative approach means we're not satisfied until you are, and we stake our reputation on that. 

If you hear us say we’re an extension of your team, we’re not just throwing buzzwords around. To us, “partnership” doesn’t just mean checking off boxes and handing over deliverables. It means helping you make sense of the rapidly changing technology landscape to make informed decisions that are best for your business. Our constant research and experimentation with the latest technologies help provide you with the most up-to-date insights and recommendations.

So, if you're looking for a true partner to help expand your technological capabilities, look no further. Take your next step forward with advice you can trust and a tailored solution from our comprehensive suite of on-demand and ongoing IT services.  


Sound like you? Explore careers with Katalyst.

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