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Helping you go further, faster, safer. 

Strengthening your business with Cybersecurity, Cloud, Data, and Managed Solutions

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You will be 100% satisfied with our services. If not, we will either make it right, or refund you for the last 30 days of service.


Whether approaching complex problems that need sound judgment, or navigating a hurdle that requires a deep understanding of the underlying technology, clients know they can turn to us for trusted guidance.

If you're looking for a true partner to help expand your technological capabilities, look no further. Take your next step forward with advice you can trust and a tailored solution from our comprehensive suite of on-demand and ongoing IT services.


Katalyst took a very hands-on approach to client management. They took the time to build a deep relationship with us, allowing them to gain in-depth knowledge of our systems, resulting in great solutions to whatever challenges we throw at them.

Christopher Libby
Director of Information Technology, Spero Financial


Frictionless Experience 

Our deeply experienced team will take their knowledge and apply it to your environment to find the best and most efficient solution for you always.



We wake up in your shoes. We are an extension of your team and get to know your environment to minimize risk to you and deliver excellence.

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Problem Focused

Through our tailored experience and approach we drive the highest measure of client experience at all interaction levels of the partnership


Ready to identify your organization’s cybersecurity blind spots?

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