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Technology in the Kitchen

Have you ever thought about how technology has modified our everyday routine? You wake up in the morning to an alarm, typically on your smart phone. You may order your morning coffee on an app. You open up your computer to check emails. And the list goes on and on. Now, you even have the ability for technology to be your right-hand-man, (or saving grace, depending on skill level) in the kitchen.

Connect your Joule via Bluetooth to your preferred smartphone or tablet. From there, you’ll have the ability to use the Joule application in order to choose the type of meat you’re preparing, and your preferring temperature to cook using visual result photos right on the app. Toss your meat into a bag with spices, place it in a pot of water, press start on the app, and let the Joule do what it does best!

This device delivers a pain free experience in the kitchen even for the most inexperienced home chef. Katalyst team member, Julianne Anderson received the Joule as a gift and found its use was so easy that she took it to New York during the Holidays to cook for her family. She was able to effortlessly cook an eight pound steak and venison tenderloin.

“The Joule has been such a fun gadget to experiment with in the kitchen. It takes the guess work out of cooking a piece of meat to the perfect temperature. Everything we’ve made is juicy and melt-in-your-mouth tender. We were hesitant at first, but the end result definitely proved its worth!” Anderson said.

We can see why the Joule has become one of the most anticipated pieces of kitchen equipment because functionally, the only thing that a sous vide cooker needs to do is heat a volume of water to a precise temperature and hold it there. You don’t even need a stove!

It is a simple method of cooking food that will immediately improve your favorite meals, and cook it to perfection every time. Just another example of how technology creates a positive impact on our everyday lives.

For more information on the Joule by ChefSteps, check out their website:

(The device in the pot with the smartphone)

(The visual pictures you can choose the temperature from that are referenced in paragraph #3)

(meat cooking in bag on left side)

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