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As an organization grows, so do the number of endpoints. While growth is always celebrated, it typically comes with a greater workload, and more issues to resolve. This can be anything from computer bugs to an employee who needs to reset their password. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. Big picture, these are easy fixes, but when you add them up, it can amount to countless hours for your IT support, which in turn, holds back your business innovation.

There’s a simple solution, through Hosted Café by Katalyst you gain access to industry leading support 24/7/365. This means around the clock monitoring with a single point of contact ensuring that your network devices, collaboration devices and servers are always available so you can focus on your business.

Hosted Cafe by Katalyst allows businesses to extend their IT departments with experienced and expert resources, allowing an organization’s IT staff to focus on strategic projects.

Maximize your productivity and offload some of the support tasks listed below:

  • Incident management

  • Microsoft, Apple and Android based Support

  • User management

  • Password resets

  • Operating system issue resolution

  • Automated windows patching

Let our managed service offering handle the day-to-day so your staff can focus their time on improving the organization’s technology strategy.

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