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Welcoming Katalyst Director of Engineering, Danny Marzka

Last month, Danny Marzka stepped into the role of Director of Engineering to oversee the leadership structure of Engineering and Pre Sales. Katalyst prides themselves on seeking out team members who are competitive and willing to work hard for success, and Marzka is no exception.

Marzka joins the team with 20 years of technology experience. Most recently, he held a position as the VP of Client Transformation. Before that, he spent over 10 years with an global integrator in a variety of roles, including the Director of Engineering. At Katalyst, the self-proclaimed “sales guy in an engineer’s body” will focus on providing our talented engineers with the tools and standardized methodologies, processes, and templates to enable their success and accelerate services growth.

Marzka's favorite part about Katalyst so far has been the people. “I know this sounds cliché, but it really is a family. The people who work here are considered to be part of a group. They each have a purpose and are not just doing their job because they have to. It makes you feel empowered knowing that you are making a difference day in and day out- it’s pretty special,” Marzka said. He also noted that he is becoming intimately familiar with every nuance of I-85!

Outside of work you can find him spending time with his wife, Summer, and keeping up with their 7 children and 3 grandchildren. He enjoys playing basketball, golfing, and is a singer in a local rock band called Mojo Katz.

Here at Katalyst we are looking forward to seeing the contributions that Danny will make to our organization. Welcome to the team!

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