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Don't Be a Target

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, ransomware is the fastest growing malware threat. It has become evident in the past couple of months that there is a rapid growth of ransomware attacks. Between “Wanna Cry” and "Nyetya", the global attack that hit power stations and shipping companies in the Ukraine and elsewhere abroad, the nature of malware has shifted from disrupting service to actively seeking financial gain.

Katalyst partnered with Hosted Cafe back in January to improve their managed services dashboard. As of March, they released a new offering through Hosted Café called MOS (Malware Outbreak Service). This is a quick response and in-depth team of various security expertise available to mid market clients. It reduces the remediation time of an attack at an unprecedented speed. It’s simple, this offering stops breaches quickly and provides ongoing protection.

"Everyday I have conversations with our clients on their company's security initiatives. Typically, they don't have the internal resources or time to address all the gaps in the ever changing security space. Katalyst's Hosted Cafe Security Services provides end-to-end solutions and a team to function as an extension of their very own. By utilizing this offering our clients have been able to address compliance mandates, prevent and detect cyber crime and reduce day-to-day responsibilities of their IT team, allowing them to focus on business strategy," Katalyst Managed Services Representative, Kayla Frank said.

Attackers have become very adept at circumventing traditional defenses such as anti-virus software and firewall. Security breaches could happen to anyone, and it is imperative to protect your business and your brand. Cybersecurity risk is a business risk. The bottom line- take steps to prevent it.

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