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10 Cisco Webex Capabilities You Should Take Advantage Of

1. Call Back Feature- people join your meeting’s audio simply by answering the phone.And Call Me remembers the phone numbers you've used. Just click or tap the number you'd like to join from and your meeting calls you on that number

2. Built for Mobility- connect from every major mobile platform

3. Share your Screen and Content- Cisco WebEx Meetings incorporates audio, high-definition (HD) video, and real-time content sharing

4. Record Meetings- with the Recording Editor you can edit the recorded meeting to make it a more useful and engaging piece of content after the fact

5. Schedule Webex Meeting in Outlook- using Integration to Outlook, you can perform these activities without the need to use your WebEx site

6. Integrate with Existing Tools and Processes- initiate meetings instantly from Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, and a variety of IM solutions.

7. Chat Box- Chat privately with meeting attendees, make comments, or send a note to the meeting host during your WebEx session

8. Stored numbers in Account Preferences- hosts who visit their WebEx site for the first time are presented with a pop up encouraging them to store their “Call Me” number in account preferences.

9. Whiteboarding- you can annotate on files and whiteboards that you share during a session

10. Set up a poll- the Polling feature allows the host or presenter to conduct a survey or questionnaire with attendees during a WebEx meeting

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