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Staying Ahead of the Curve

On Fridays at 3pm you can find the Katalyst team gathered in the Charlotte conference room ready to start Tech Talks that are led by Solutions Engineer, CJ Ramsey. These trainings began in an effort to help keep Account Managers and Inside Sales Reps up-to-date on the ever-changing technology spectrum. After all, it’s our industry, and we have to keep up with it!

When Business Development Manager, Jessica Morin, joined the Katalyst team she saw the value these talks had, and created a more structured approach. Both Ramsey and Morin worked to develop a schedule that consisted of a series that would each focus on a specific technology theme.

“One of the most rewarding aspects of my position are engaging in weekly tech talks with the sales team. This is a roundtable discussion that provides time to whiteboard various solution architectures and their placement. Through this weekly collaboration, our sales team is able to be better informed on the latest technologies and I am afforded a receptive audience to fine tune my presentation and demo skills,” Ramsey said.

Katalyst kicked off these sessions at the end of January and have covered various topics, some of the most recent being security and collaboration. Aside from the traditional whiteboarding sessions, Ramsey has also incorporated demos into the Tech Talks. The Katalyst Krew recently participated in a Meraki Demo during the Networking Series.

Katalyst Business Development Associate, Sierra Winston, stated, “Tech Talks with CJ were an awesome opportunity for those of us who are not as knowledgeable around the technologies to be able to learn in a comfortable setting. CJ is an excellent teacher, VERY patient and engaging!”

According to Forbes, “Changes in technology represent the main challenge facing tomorrow’s business leaders.” The Tech Talks have given Katalyst employees the opportunity to take a step back from the hustle of the work week and brush up on some of the latest technologies while enjoying some refreshments and snacks.

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