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A Charleston Favorite Seafood Raw Bar

A person eating at an Oyster Bar who has a shell fish allergy and raving about the food? That’s definitely not something you would expect to hear often or ever, but that’s what Katalyst Marketing Manager, Shelley Smith had to say about 167 Raw which is located just on the outskirts of downtown Charleston.

We know there are several of you who visit our website and are completely consumed by technology every moment of the day (which is great, right?). So we wanted to give your brain a ten-minute break to educate you on some of our favorite grubbing spots within the Carolina’s.

So, back to 167 Raw.

This is not your typical Charleston style restaurant. 167 Raw is the sister restaurant to family owned gourmet seafood market on Nantucket, so it has major New England influences. This alone sets them apart from the competition

It’s small and quaint atmosphere makes for a unique experience. They’ve got an assortment of fresh oysters, clams, fish and the restaurant also includes a charming mini market where you can purchase they’re fresh seafood to go.

“The Tuna Burger was by far one of the best burgers I’ve eaten in the last six months. It has a delicious natural taste that doesn’t leave you feeling 10 lbs heavier after you’ve eaten.” Smith said.

Due to the small environment it may not be the best place to go with you and your ten closest friends. So save this spot for a date night or a meal with a friend.

One review said, “167 Raw offers a whole new experience, working as the perfect combination of a gourmet fishmonger and upscale eatery.”

With a 4.5 yelp rating, it's no surprise that 167 Raw is considered to be one of the best seafood stops in the South.

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