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Want Peace of Mind When It Comes to Your IT Environment?

By 2018, Gartner expects more than half of organizations will use third-party security firms to help manage their network infrastructure. Using a managed service will allow you to gain the freedom to focus on your business.

Considering it? Let us help answer some of your questions and concerns!

1. If I outsource to you, I am losing control and visibility!

a. Our services are intended to detect, and in some cases, prevent possible security risks.

Our goal is to relieve some of the stress that is associated with the possibility of an attack. You won’t be losing control or visibility, you’ll be gaining an extra set of super-qualified


2. I am under regulatory compliance. Will outsourcing make meeting and reporting compliance more difficult?

a. No, in fact it will make it easier! Our NetDefend Data Encryptor satisfies compliance

requirements across the entire business, without adding new hardware, or operational burdens or knowledge.

3. If I am compromised, what are you going to do about it?

a. While we cannot promise you will not be the target of an attack or that the attack will be

fully prevented, we are here to help reduce this risk with our services. Along with market

leading technologies from Cisco, Hosted Café provides a portfolio of products to secure your organization. The intergration of our tools and engineers are critical when

recovering from an attack.

4. How do you improve threat management?

a. We help improve threat management by seeing suspicious behavior, identifing possible attacks, stoping malware and encrypting valuable data to stop potential data breaches and other attacks. 24/7 alerting on all critical issues plus valuable reports and dashboards see threat and vulnerability trends to stay ahead of potential risks

With Hosted Café NetDefend as a managed service, you extend your staff and ability to manage threats and attacks simply to decrease your vulnerabilities and achieve peace of mind quickly.

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