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Redefining Back-up and Recovery

The storage market is one to watch in 2017. This huge growth in data creation is driving new opportunity and innovation. Buying more storage just won’t work with the ever-growing amount of data a company accumulates. The best solution is simple- manage it in the cloud.

Companies like Rubrik, a Silicon Valley startup, have come in existence and redefined the back up and recovery space. Consumers no longer have to worry about buying more devices that take up space and use more power just to store their data.

Rubrik hosts the world’s first cloud data management platform that allows consumers to manage data anywhere, anytime. It utilizes a method using a single interface to manage all data sources across private and public clouds.

Rubrik builds simple products for businesses to meet the most challenging data management needs. This data must be backed up, protected, stored, secured and made available to organizations whenever they need it.

The advantages of cloud backup are significant. Organizations use Rubrik to deliver live data access to recover from failures and accelerate application development. This innovative way of data management simplifies backup and data protection, while allowing enterprises to manage their data in a hybrid cloud throughout its lifecycle.

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