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Introducing the Cisco Spark Board

Katalyst will be installing the newly introduced Cisco Spark Board this month. This next generation technology is a game changer within collaboration. It is simplifying the meeting space in both implementation and end user experience.

The spark board is an all-in-one device that allows teams to work together from anywhere in world. This fully touch system is everything you need in conference room, compacted in to one system.

“The Spark Board technology makes life easier by allowing people to collaborate, share documents, and immediately connect with users whether they are behind a spark board, on a mobile phone, or on their computer,” noted Parker Cains, Director of Sales for Katalyst.

Katalyst will be utilizing the Spark Board to collaborate with both employees, partners, and customers. They are already using SPARK as a platform for team/document sharing and this will just be an extension of that.

Spark Boards bring an easy-to use mentality that will allow users to operate at a higher productivity level. In addition, the price point is low enough that you can get 3 55” Spark Boards for the price of one MX300. Lastly, the Spark Board has one cable, the power cable, allowing a clutter free work environment.

Katalyst has sold the largest amount of Spark Boards in the world to date, and are anticipating the arrival of their own.

The Kat Krew welcomes you to come by their office to see it in action. Tomorrow, March 8th, Cisco is hosting an open house Spark event. Since the Katalyst office is just across the hall, they invite you to head over to socialize and enjoy a popsicle as King of Pops will be there.

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