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Katalyst Knocks Master Security Out of the Park…Again

It was a cold day in January following the snowstorm that hit the Carolinas, when George Bustos, Director of Operations, received confirmation that Katalyst had officially renewed their Master Security Specialization. Bustos quickly sent out an email to management with the subject line “We’re good for another year.”

The Master Security Certification recognizes Katalyst as part of an elite group of partners who have invested in the most advanced technology skills. This specialization deems Katalyst as having fulfilled the training requirements and program fundamentals to sell, deploy, and support highly sophisticated Cisco network security solutions.

“Helping our customers navigate the threat landscape is of paramount importance for Katalyst. As a certified Master Security Partner with Cisco, customers can leverage our expertise to help them mitigate the risks they face every day,” George Bustos, Operations Manager, said.

Last year, Katalyst received the Master Security Certification after participating in an audit process that demonstrated a high-level expertise in security. To receive the renewal, Katalyst had to provide current examples of successful security projects. They were tasked with providing several customer references for proof of value and several projects that entailed high end security including ISE, NextGen Firewall, and Fire Power service deployments. For 12 months, the Katalyst team worked hard to collect and analyze data that proved they were up to date on security solutions and are actively maintaining and polishing their skillset.

“Katalyst is proud to be in an elite group of companies with our Master Level specialization in Security with Cisco. This has further solidified our standing in the Southeast as a top IT partner in addressing the security challenges that businesses are facing in a global landscape. We are pleased to provide our clients a competitive advantage in a practical way by protecting their intellectual property, mitigating their risk from financial theft, as well as protecting mission critical data,” Chris Christy, CEO, said.

The team will continue to achieve high level expertise as they work towards renewing their Cisco Gold partnership in May and Master Collaboration Specialization in June of this year.

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