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Six Great things that Happened in 2016

1 Kat Krew Babies- The Katalyst Family grew as employees welcomed new members to their families. Two handsome boys and one sweet little girl.

2 Ten Years!- Katalyst hit a huge milestone in 2016 by celebrating ten years as company. Since the company’s creation in 2006, Katalyst has demonstrated a passion for technology, a strong work ethic and has been able to add a tremendous value to the Carolinas.

3 New Management- Within the last year, Katalyst has added some extraordinary talent to their management team. In August, Emily Hennessee was promoted to Service Delivery Manger. In October, Jessica Morin came to Katalyst with a seasoned background in sales and client relations. She has done an outstanding job of taking on the role Business Development Manager. In November, Luke Johnson joined Katalyst as the Vice President of Engineering Services. Johnson has an extensive IT background and has had multiple leadership experiences at the enterprise level.

4 Weddings- There was lots of celebrating this year as five employees got married. Each of the weddings were beautiful and we wish them all the best!

5 Cisco Accreditation- Katalyst had an accomplished year as a Cisco partner. In an effort to be a leading force in the industry, Katalyst attained Cybersecurity partner of the year, as well as becoming Cisco Gold Certified.

6 Office Refresh- The Charlotte office was enhanced in April. This was done in an effort to better utilize space and have a cleaner, more accurate look of the Katalyst brand. The result has been a quieter, more productive area!

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