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Filling the Seats

Over the last several years Katalyst has observed an increase in demand for IT security professionals from our customers. This is due to the real need of these organizations to increase their security posture in order to deal with the ever-evolving security threat landscape. People are starting to realize that a security breach can not only bring huge fines but will also cause damage to their brand, resulting in a loss of customer trust driving those customers away. It is not just the large enterprises that need this talent, smaller organizations are now seeing the need to have those seats filled. A recent Tech Crunch article discusses the increase in job postings over the last year in the U.S. mentioning an alarming 3 million positions globally that are not being filled. Employers, both large and small, are competing for the same talent in a very limited pool.

Due to the high demand and low supply, natural wages are on the rise making it very difficult for smaller organizations to compete. What are they then supposed to do if they cannot attract and retain the talent? One of my counterparts, Brandon Harms, has discussed in a previous blog post how technology and a threat centric approach can help organizations respond to threats automatically, reducing the number of seats that have to be filled by security professionals.

Managed security services can help fill in the gaps that the technology can’t. These managed services are able to leverage that technology to make them more efficient at responding to threats. This increases their ability to service a larger number of organizations, while maintaining a smaller staff. By doing this the customer is able to provide 24/7 SOC services. With this, service smaller organizations get the benefits of an in-house security team at a fraction of the cost allowing them to combat threats and protect their brand.

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