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Helping Your Dealership Achieve FTC Compliance

The FTC Safeguard Rule deadline is approaching fast and you need a partner you can trust to both navigate the changes and deliver you a program with pricing and details that make sense. 


With the FTC as a Service program from Katalyst, you’ll get the key components you need to get compliant, regardless of the number of stores or locations. We make it easy for you by pricing your solution on a per-employee pricing model. The cost shifts based on size of organization, so feel free to use the FTC cost estimator below to learn more. 


We realize each dealership has special circumstances, so request a quote for a quick and up-front look at your investment to achieve compliance with our cybersecurity team. 


( 1- 49 )


( 50 -100)


( 101-250 )


For large organizations with special requirements.


What's included for that cost? 

Qualified Individual 

This is someone in your dealership, typically a stakeholder, that Katalyst will work with to execute the requirements of the FTC Safeguard Rule

Validate Controls 

Katalyst will assess your controls in place and evaluate their effectiveness. 

Employee Training 

Katalyst will work with your employees to keep them informed of the latest cyber threats. This includes annual training, ongoing e-learning and newsletters, email phishing campaigns to test effectiveness as well as tracking and reporting for HR & auditors. 


Katalyst will provide cybersecurity monitoring of your environment 24X7X365

Continious Improvements 

Katalyst will work with your team on a quarterly basis to make sure you are moving forward in the right direction and provide monthly vulnerability scans across your environment.

Annual Reporting

Katalyst will provide metrics on risk as well as compliance including how your dealership is performing, to your leadership team.

Incident Response Playbook

Katalyst will provide your dealership three (3) playbooks of the most common incidents we see daily. 

Risk Assessment 

Katalyst’s certified and experienced assessors will conduct a validated assessment focused on the FTC Safeguards Rule requirements. This will yield a roadmap for your dealership and an online portal for evidence and continued compliance management & reporting

Additional Options Include? Apply Controls 

We don’t yet know exactly what you have in your existing cybersecurity stack. Upon completing our initial review, Katalyst will provide you with a list of controls that you currently lack in order to satisfy the FTC Safeguards Rule. These would typically include two-factor authentication, encryption, etc

Multi-Factor Authentication:  $3 per month / per user. 

Endpoint Detection & Response: $3.50 per user. 

In our upfront discussion, we will identify these gaps and provide the software
required to get compliant.


How much will it cost you to fix this problem? 

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