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Work with leading cyber security industry experts with advanced, specialized skill sets to support your priorities and budget.



Security Analysis Roadmap 

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Engineering as a Service


Data Protection Services



Cloud Services 


Customer Experience (CX) Services

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Security Analysis &
Roadmap (SAR) 

IT Data management is complex and Cyber threats are common, and internal IT teams are struggling to guard against cyber threats.

With the Katalyst Security Analysis & Roadmap (SAR), learn ways to immediately reduce cyber threats and prevent productivity downtime. This allows you to find system weaknesses or vulnerabilities before cyber criminals do, as you work with leading industry experts with advanced, specialized skill sets to support your priorities and budget. 

We can assist you in clearly presenting a strong business case for cyber security upgrade budget allocations.  With a thorough assessment, you can prioritize cyber security upgrade projects based on best practices and accurate information about your systems, and find places to consolidate technologies and streamline processes for more profitable, reliable, and secure workflows. 

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Building a capable, internal IT team is difficult with a shortage of highly skilled, cybersecurity professionals, and remote work increases the cybersecurity risk, with employees accessing essential systems in non-secured ways.

Our Cybersecurity experts monitor, detect, and stop cyber attacks and quickly restore systems, data, and production. 

We help your company retain knowledge of organizational cybersecurity processes with dedicated cybersecurity experts, and foster alignment between IT and business decision makers through regular, clearly-communicated status reports on cybersecurity projects. 

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Data Protection Services

The Katalyst/Rubrik Team: Data Protection Services That Keeps Out Attackers & Keeps Up Operations

Cybersecurity is a team game. Just like Katalyst can team up with your team, we partnered with Rubrik, a leader in zero-trust security and data immutability. Their know-how & tools effectively protect data from ransomware, natural disasters, and operational failures. That means your backup data is safe and can be easily accessed when you need to restore operations following a cyberattack quickly.


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Managed Security Services
data protection

Cloud Services

Private cloud, public cloud, on-premise—there’s no one-size-fits-all answer with this elastic technology. Our commitment to predictability, scalability, and security ensures a solution that fits your needs, not somebody else’s. Whether you’re new to cloud or simply changing direction, we minimize disruption during migration and then stay by your side to maximize efficiencies day in and day out. 
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CX Services

We’re not interested in solving problems you don’t have. Our dedicated, first-of-its-kind CX team helps you find the power in your purchase. We take the stress off your budget and your people by making sure you never overspend on IT solutions or fail to roll them out properly. Identify only what you need, introduce it the right way, and rely on us to see it through.

A best-in-class automation partner doesn’t just stop with the automation. It helps you figure out how to redeploy your newly-available resources to more valuable workstreams. It also allows you to test, learn, and pivot quickly within compact timeframes. We blend technology with strategy and flexibility for a complete solution that grows your business faster.
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Engineering as a Service (EaaS)

EaaS gives you the IT resources and reliability of a giant firm, without the giant cost, by allowing you to dip into a toolbox of IT specialists with the services you need, when you need them.

Our guide to EaaS, Your Digital Swiss Army Knife, lays out how the deep and consistent services powered by an EaaS enables flexibility, dependability, and precision in handling all of your IT matters, maximizing software engineering opportunities for your operation.

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cloud services
CX services


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