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De-Google’ing Over Concerns of Privacy

Zen and the Art of Cybersecurity

Cry-key That’s a Big Gator

Your Passwords are Worthless

The Phenomenology of the Ghost in the Machine a.k.a. Spirit

Writing a monthly blog about cybersecurity sounds like a reasonably easy task. There a...

A bit of personal history, self-aggrandizing, product promotion, and a Metallica reference.

I was tasked to get the Cisco Fire Jumper certification a couple of years ago as my company was pursuing the Master Security Partner designation. The company certification consis...

I have been assessing the security postures of organizations for years. As time has passed, the technology has improved, the attack surfaces have grown, and business have adapted to more advanced threats. Conversations about safely enabled applications are now peppered...

There are several reasons organizations engage in security assessment engagements. Formal compliance regulations often drive the need for security review. Maybe a client requires vendors to adhere to a specific security framework. Or an organization is trying to get a...

Building upon last month’s call for integration of point products for a more effective security posture, I want to dive into more detail on the topic and describe a base level solution given common restrictions for the mid-market. 

To review, in order to effectively pre...

Many organizations have adopted a vulnerability-centric approach to security, meaning they spend all their time plugging holes and building new walls around IT assets. While this is an important aspect of securing your increasingly diversified environment, it has not b...

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March 26, 2020

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