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Awkward Much?

Don’t you feel awkward when you run into someone you’ve already met and just can’t remember their name? Maybe you even second guess what they do for a living and how you met them in the first place. Usually with some casual conversation and tactful probing you will come around to answering the unknown gnawing at you in your gut. Problem solved, right? What if this encounter is on a conference call…oh no!

In our line of business, it is paramount that you understand and relate to the customer whom you are interacting with. Sure, you can do a quick LinkedIn search ahead of your meeting, but that may not give you their full story. In those introductory meetings the main purpose usually is to get to know whom you are meeting with, the business they are a part of, and what their challenges or successes might be. In the context of a web meeting, think about how much ahead of your competition you would be if not only did you know everything about the client, but can pull it up in real-time during the meeting.

In a recent presentation, Cisco SVP of Collaboration Technology, Amy Chang, talked about how we can transform workplaces and change the way we work. Cognitive Collaboration is here, and it is awesome! Through Cisco Webex new, exciting integrations and tools are being rolled out to fill the void of this “get to know you” part of meetings. One of these new tools is People Insights. You can now view pertinent information about meeting participants with just a click. Check out this short video to see how it works: People Insights Overview.

I’m sure my Cyber Security colleague, Brandon Harms, is freaking out about all of this creepy stuff, but just like an informercial... there's more! We’re now seeing other new tools like facial recognition becoming part of the meeting experience. Some meeting platforms, including Cisco Webex Boards can provide you with a “one-button” to start a meeting, but that’s old-school at this point. Now through facial recognition capabilities, not only can Webex identify meeting participants, soon you will be able to kick off a meeting simply by walking into the room!

It used to be awkward not remembering someone, now that problem can be solved without having to ask any questions. However, nothing can replace a handshake!

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