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The Force Was With Us at Last Night's Star Wars Premiere

Forbes predicted the opening weekend of Star Wars: The Last Jeti to gross over $200 million. With so much buzz around the premiere, and a love for the series, we knew we had to be a part of it!

Katalyst spoiled our Greenville, SC guests and bought out a theater for the newest installment of the iconic film series. Guests were invited to join us for a Thursday night premiere of the movie, while we covered Security Readiness and Response beforehand.

As you entered the theater, the glow of the red light sabers greeted you, and the excitement in the crowd was evident! Not only did everyone get to participate in a presentation from Katalyst Director of Engineering, Danny Marzka, around preparing, managing, and recovering from data breaches and network attacks, they had the opportunity to catch the flick before anyone else.

Two hours and thirty-three minutes of pure Star Wars bliss.

For everyone who joined us last night, thank you! We really hope you enjoyed it – we know we did!

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